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time2020/6/24 9:40:30

Model: lh-e

Manipulator size: 13.5 6.3 5.1cm

Length, width and height (excluding handle height)

Additional function: output usb-5v / 1.5A

The design is exquisite and exquisite, with beautiful lines and concave convex

1. The intelligent controller has the advantages of flexible operation, sensitive response, strong power, soft body feeling, gentle turning, avoiding collision, steep slope, safety and reliability, comprehensive diagnosis, timely protection, free driving and no lag.

2. The shape design is ergonomic and comfortable to operate. The silicone handle is soft to the hand, and it will not be tired for a long time.

3. The silica gel panel is soft and smooth, the button arrangement is reasonable, and the controller parameters can be easily modified by three buttons without using the programmer.

4. The light display is soft, the power indicator accurately displays the battery power, and the speed indicator displays the current speed gear and fault type.


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